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Our values

The ideas of Senspero are based on a systemic and socialconstructionist perspective and inspired by the work of KCC Foundation in London. An essential person in developing these ideas and methods is Peter Lang. The ideas have also been inspired by the creative and multiverse work of the Taos Institute.

Senspero is based on the belief that the position of leadership can create unique possibilities for growth and success in an organisation when using positive and appreciative influences and approaches. The power of exploring what works well in the organsiation and using each employees unique skills and abilities towards the goals of the organsition creates possibilities for growth and clarity in the organisation. When involving the employees in their own development and in the goals of the organisation it is also possible to create an unique passion in work, hope and engagement where each member take responsibility from their specific position to work towards the goals of the organisation.

You never know what resources you have in the organization before you ask for them and it is not possible to know the miraculous outcome of people’s growth before they have got their unique prerequisites in place.

We also believe that everything a person does is a result of their values. Just as Tiina Kothari describes values as a blueprint for living: the sorting devices by which choices and decisions are made and actions are taken. People’s values change as they go through life. She says that we are more and more interested, as leadership practitioners, in the place of values in leadership.

People want to do what people want to do. To be lead by and individual who understands our motivations, and can leverage them is going to be a pleasure. People want to be understood and valued. To be led by someone who understands our intentions and behaviors’, and values them is always going to create a feeling of trust and loyalty.


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