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As long as there is people around there also will be stories. The opportunity we have is to influence what kind of stories we want to be told in our organizations/communities and at the same time we engage people in a powerful work that becomes a part of creating the organization we want to see.

In every organization you have to involve people in the goal, to make them feel a part and responsible for their own actions, organizations also want to create values that are going to guide and grow. To make people able to see in what direction the company and organization are heading they have to know the direction. To make people feel that they are important they also have to recognize that they are important for the whole. This probably becomes much more easy if people have a image of how they are going to be that important part, how it would be noticed and in what ways this would be important for the organization.

As managers or consultants the act of involving people in organizations and communities and to make people arise from their recourses is very powerful. Through exploring things that is working well, things that people value and feel proud about it is possible to support a stabile ground for the organization and also to work for development and handle change. Storytelling is a way to envisioning the future together and builds stories about how we would like it to be in the organization it helps to transform us, to take us to another place in the future and it gives space to in detail explore the things that would be the signs in the future. Trying to create this world that is lived and while is it there is very powerful and engaging. Stories are one way to influence and make impact on the way people feel and act. Stories are also a way to make people think in pictures instead of words

If a story is told well it allow us to enter a different space. To help people to tell the kind of stories that enhance the organization and that encourage people to use and develop their abilities makes people feel well the inquiry is an important part. To ask appreciative curious questions about what people are proud of and how it looks like when it works well makes people feel that they are important and creates engagement and responsibility for the future.

At Senspero we often use storytelling to build and sustain organizations. Storytelling is a really inspiring and creative way to free recourses and makes people involved.

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