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It is easy to get stuck in old ways of thinking. It is also easy to get stuck in different relations and go on acting in the same way as we have done before. Sometimes changes create worry and people have to re orientate themselves and sometimes people have difficulties to collaborate. Many times everything works just fine but sometimes the organization could benefit from new perspectives, a better focus, more creativity and new energy. When these moments occur one way to handle them is to invite a consultant for a day or two to support the organisation to move forward. We believe that the “experts” are the people in the organizations but we can support with creating different creative context that allows people to use their skills in new ways, helps people to co operate and become proud of what they are doing. contexts that help people to get new perspectives and to find energy, commitment and engagement.

Organisations are built on relationships between people. Some important factors for a successful and healthy organization is if people feel that they are important and have a sense of meaningful context and a clear goal. A key factor is also if people succeed to work together towards the goals of the organisation. There is also strong links between value driven organisations and financial success. There is many ways to work with the people in organisations. Senspero works with strengths based methods and with exploring what works well in the organisation instead of focusing at the “problem”. We pay attention to what people value about their work and explore ways to re formulate conflicts, frustration and negative stories in a way so that these situations and stories  honors peoples contribution. We work with focus on creating safe and creative context for development, where people can feel that they are valued and important and where everyone have something to add to the whole. This shift of perspective gives the people of the organisation an opportunity to become proud of what they are doing and feel that they are important recourses in the solution of the situation or important recourses in the development of the organisation and its goals. With all right! If people feel that they are valued at work and have the possibility to use and increase their recourses they also tend to become more engaged and take more responsibility and increase their ability to see new perspectives and other views.

We believe that it is important to create context where people can feel that they are important and skillful, contexts that allows creativity and collaboration.

Leadership is a very important part of the organisation and its future so the attendance of leaders during this development days can be an important success factor to create trust for the future. A close contact between the consultant and the leader of the organisation is also important to create the goal for the days and the task for the consultant.

Through collaborative and practical strength based methods it is possible to create a creative context for learning and development. If people become involved in collaborative and interactive ways towards the goal of the organisation they feel important and take more responsibility for the outcome of the process.

One way to work with strengths based development in organisations is Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry is a collaborative and highly participative, system-wide approach to seeking, identifying and enhancing the “life giving forces” that are present when a system is performing optimally. The term appreciative comes from the idea that when something increases in value it “appreciates” therefore appreciative Inquiry focuses on the generative and life giving forces in the system, the things we want to increase. By inquiry, means the process of seeking to understand trough asking questions. In work based on Appreciative Inquiry it is common to use four steps in the development. Starting with the dream and how it would look like when the preferred future is there, moving forward to discover what is already there that works well and the skills of the organization, going further with the design and delivery phases to move into concrete actions and the design of the steps towards the preferred future.

Useful areas

  • Developing goals in the organisation

  • Leadership development

  • Individual development meetings

  • Creating collaboration

  • Increase creativity in the organisation

Contact us for a discussion how strength based organisational development could improve employee satisfaction and results in your organisation.


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