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Leadership development program

Senspero offers an innovative leadership development programme based on strength based pragmatic methods that are easy to learn and simple to start  using. The programme spans over 8 course days divided into 4 meetings of 2 days each. This gives time for reflection and practicing between the sessions.

The leadership programme aims at giving leaders inspiration and methods for working with creatively with leadership, development and change from a strength based and systemic perspective.

Providing the participants with tools and skills for exploring what works well and for identifying resources and competence in the organization. To be used for improving and developing the organization further.

Stregthening and developing the particilants in their leadership practice, clarifying the role of being a manager and a leader, creating visions of possibilities in leadership and knowledge of concrete methods to be used in the work as manager and leader.

Providing methods for involving all employees, creating a high degree of participation, developed co operation, passion for the mission and responsibility in relation to the goals and visions of the organization.

Contact us if you are interested in the Senspero leadership programme, if you have more questions or simply want to sign up for the next programme.




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