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To be a manager and leader is a fantastic position but it is also often  lonesome and difficult. It is not always easy to see one’s own recourses and sometimes it’s not easy to know how to approach certain situations. Leadership is an art that can be developed all the time and everyone has got a lot of skills and abilities to benefit from. More than we are typically aware of.  This is also one thing that makes being a leader such a fantastic position, there are always things to develop and through exploring one’s own values and what you value in your leadership role you also have the opportunity to become more clear about the direction you are taking and how it is possible to develop the entire organisation.

As long as there are people around there will be a lot of emotions. Emotions drive people into action. To master emotions could be described as one of manager’s most important roles. To master emotions and turn them into action towards the goal of the organisation benefits from an appreciative and inquiring position. The approach that makes people feel important and appreciated is unique for everyone. To help people to be creative and develop their profession is also a part of leadership and the approach you have as a leader will be important to create the context for growth and development in your organisation.

It is possible to say that you cannot change others but you can change the way you act. The exiting thing is that when you as a leader take new actions, develop a more appreciative approach and find ways to work together with the employees to involve them in the development of the organisation or area of interest there will be change. When people feel important and get involved they also become engaged, tend to be more creative, become more able to see different perspectives and take more responsibility. Through small actions you can make a huge different as leader. Things that you may not be aware of you can have support to develop so that the leadership you have becomes a position that you find even more exiting. A position where you can find a lot of opportunities that will allow both individuals and the organisation to grow in different ways.

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