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Leadership development in group

Give yourself the opportunity to develop your leadership and creativity in a group with other leaders. This creative context allows for new perspectives and is an efficient foundation for developing leadership awareness and approach in practice. The work in the group is based on strength based perspectives and focuses on exploring and strengthening resources and competencies. Opportunities are provided for challenging oneself while being supported. The sessions include parts with exploring discussions and reflections on what makes the difference that matters in leadership. Creative, innovative and pragmatic methods are practiced.

Everyone is unique in his/her own understanding. Everyone also hold unique abilities and skills that are shown in different contexts and situations. It is easy to get stuck in perspectives and actions that have been a part of our profession or the organization where we work and act. One way to develop one’s own repertoire, to become more creative and innovative and to develop the organization is to get new perspectives. To have the opportunity to be a part of a supporting group that have the aim to help each other to develop and to find new ways to develop the organization is also fun and challenging in a nice way.

In order to create a creative context for development, the groups benefit from including people from different kinds of organizations and businesses. The aim of the group is to support each other and to share positive experiences of how it is possible to develop organizations, communities and employees so that people arise from their resources, so that the organization prospers with creativity towards the goals. The leader for the group acts as inquirer and creates different positions that allow support and reflections. The leader also introduces different ways of working that the participants of the group have the possibility to work with between group meetings.

The objective with the group is to create a creative and safe context for development with other leaders in similar positions, all with his/her unique perspectives and experiences that enriches the whole.

A leadership development group typically consists of 5-6 people. The group meets every third week for three hours each time in a series of 8 such meetings.

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