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Why Leadership Development?

Make Leadership in your organisation free the positive powers and bring out the best of your organisation!

We offer leadership development in various formats, individual development, coaching, and leadership development in groups with other leaders as well as leadership development programs. Check out each area in the menu to the left.

Senspero focus on exploring and increasing leaders’ strengths and abilities. We focus on what is good in order to make positive progress for the future.

Through appreciative inquiry, creative and practical methods and visualisation we support leaders to find their core values, explore and develop their skills and find ways to work towards the goal of the organisation. We also support leaders to find ways to handle conflicts, to drive emotions into positive actions and develop their own creativity to handle different situations.  We focus on communication and how it is possible to work with storytelling when exploring what works in the organisation and to build the future. We also focus on practical methods and interview technique that is possible to use on daily basis but also at development days and at employee development meetings.

We see leadership as the most important tool in the organisation in the way that leaders have the possibility to have a unique overview and the position to be able to create contexts and approaches which encourage others to grow and develop. Through leadership approach it is possible to find ways to involve people in a way that makes them feel that they are important, make them take more responsibility and use their recourses in an optimal way. When people feel that they are appreciated and important at work, when they feel that they are noticed and have a sense of meaning it also creates a healthy organisation.

To find ways to work with values is also important to make people proud of who they are and of the context they belong to and it creates positive energy. Research into value driven organisations has also shown that organisations that are value driven also have a strong link to financial success.

Leadership is a fantastic position to support people of the organisation to grow and help them to use their skills and abilities in the best way to work towards the goal of the organization. People always develop and learn new things and you can never know peoples whole range of skills until you see them in the relation to the unique prerequisites that encourage these skills.

To explore and encourage people’s skills and make them feel competent and important is one of the fantastic possibilities you have as a leader.

Sometimes we get stuck in our old way of looking at things and new perspectives can help us to look outside our own boxes. Support from the outside can also help us to realize the abilities we have and find ways to use them. Working as a leader is often a lonely work, there is seldom time for discussing leadership and all the questions that are connected to this position. If leaders have the possibility to reflect on their understanding, learning and own possibilities and skills leaders also have the possibility to enjoy their work even more, to become more engaged and get new energy. To be able to find new creative ways to move forward and to be supported to handle difficult situations makes the position of leadership more joyful and fun. When leaders feel well at work they also have easier to challenge themselves to see their own development areas and to develop both as leaders and as a person. The position of leadership allows a lot of fantastic learning opportunities.



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