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Leadership Development 24-28 Sept 2013

Personal Leadership, Communication and Appreciative Inquiry. Lido Palace Hotel, Stresa/Baveno, Italy

Welcome to this course within the life giving forces of strengths based leadership and the power of communica­tive processes in organisations. Allow yourself a space in an inspiring multi-national setting to explore and be inspired by how communication and strengths based approaches can support your leadership, enable you to give your best and enable your organisation to become even more successful and sustainable for the future.

This week will offer you inspiration from theory and the latest research within the field but also a possibility to try out different techniques and approaches available to apply in your daily work as a leader. You will have the possibility to explore your own resources and create an action plan for your own leadership and also have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other resourceful colleagues from different European countries and backgrounds. The collaborative context will increase knowledge development and creativity during our days together.

This is a course given by Senspero in collaboration with Active Change. We offer a long and solid experience of working with leadership development and successful change processes built on appreciative and strenghts based methods and approaches. We also offer unique knowledge within the field of how leaders can lead through communicative processes. Processes that enable people in the organisations to give their best, become involved, increase their motivation and responsibility towards the goal of the organisation.


This course addresses leaders, project leaders and facilitators who aim at leading sustainable and successful organisations and communities. It addresses leaders who like to find ways to use their own resources in the best way to fulfil the goals of the organisation by enabling members to give their best.

The course alternates shorter seminars with various action-based exercises that enable you to experience the difference of the methods and to become comfortable in the way you would like to use them with a sustainable effect. The full board accommodation in a nice environment will also provide time for reflections and discussions with the other participants for a deepened experience.

The course also includes individual coaching with the aim to create an individual plan. This coaching will be followed up by an individual Skype coaching session two months later to support you in the change you would like see for yourself and your organisation.

The course will be given in easy-to-understand English with a possibility for clarifications in Italian and Swedish.

Course duration: Tuesday Sept 24th, 2013 at 11 00 - Saturday Sept 28th, 2013 at 12 00


You will stay at the Lido Palace Hotel, the same hotel where Wagner and Churchill stayed some 100 years ago in the beautiful city of Stresa / Baveno on the shore of Lake Maggiore, one hour by train from Milano. Full board accommodation is included in the price.


Course fee including full board accommodation (single room and all meals):
Early bird registrations made before May 20st, 2013: €2440 plus VAT
Standard rate registrations after May 20st, 2013: €2880 plus VAT

Scholarship: if you are in need of a scholarship to participate, please e-mail us at info@senspero.com and share your circumstances around your need for a scholarship and how much you are able to pay to participate.


To register, please send an e-mail to registration@senspero.com and you will get further instructions back in an e-mail within three working days.

Your facilitators

Kicki Oljemark has many years of experience from working as a manger with high growth, exceptional results and customer and employee satisfaction. Over the last four years she has been working as an appreciative and strength-based consultant with approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and alike that increase communication skills and collaboration. Kicki has a Master’s degree in appreciative and systemic leadership, a BSc in Social Sciences and is a doctorate in Strenghtsbased Leadership at the University of Bedfordshire, England.

Francesca Oliva of ActiveChange is a Social and work psychologist working as consultant and management trainer and facilitator. Francesca has previously worked for different consulting companies within leadership and organisational development and has founded two companies.  Her focus is on people and organisations development, helping people and organisations to find new ways to work, communicate, involve and participate. As counsellor and coach, Francesca helps people to deal with challenges and developing their strengths.

Questions and more information

If there are questions, please drop us an e-mail at info@senspero.com




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