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Our partner ActiveChange

ActiveChange: because nothing remains the same.

Often, however, we find it hard to change, and the organizations in which we live in or we create find hard to change.

ActiveChange is Organizational Consulting and Change Facilitation, Training and Support to Development and Change. Counseling and Coaching  for Personal and Professional Development.

ActiveChange it is a professional network using appreciative, systemic and strength based approaches to organizational and personal development.


About me, Francesca Oliva

Im a Social and work psychologist working as consultant and management trainer and facilitator. I have previously worked for different consulting companies within leadership and organizational development and have founded two companies. My focus is on people and organizations development, helping people and organizations to find new ways to work, communicate, involve and participate. As counselor and coach, I help people to deal with challenges and developing their strengths.

Main work areas: Organizational Change , Organizational development, Work life balance, Assessment and evaluation, Participation and Group work in Social Business.

Specialties : HR Training, Instructional Design, Organization Design, Strategic Planning, Group and Team Facilitation, Team Building, Communication, Counseling and Coaching, Web based assessment tools, Appreciative Inquiry.

Contacts: oliva@activechange.it



Upcoming events

Leadership development 5-day course/workshop in Italy

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