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Kicki Oljemark


About us

Senspero aim at exploring and increasing individuals’, leaders’, groups’ organisations’ and communities’ strengths and abilities and to reach for unexpected potential. The aim is to reach for the “optimal” organisation where people will be able to give their best in line with the organisational goals.


We believe in the power of clear goals and the power of co-creating the organisations together with all the members. The main resource of an organisation will always will be its members. The platform and structures are based on communicative and relational processes.  We support leaders and their organisations to explore and strengthen helpful communicative and relational patterns and processes. The aim is to reach for contexts which will enable people to give their best, increase motivation, engagement, responsibility and a healthy organization.


We call this strength based development and strength based leadership.


The name Senspero comes from the two words "sense" and "spero" which means hope in latin. "To feel hope".


The consultants at Senspero have long experience from leadership and organisational development within both public and private sectors. Head responsible is Kicki Oljemark, Doctor in systemic practice, MSc in systemic leadership and organisational development, BSc in social science and family/systems therapy. Kicki had long own experience from working as a leader, and as a manager for leaders. Kicki also has a long experience from being an international consultant.


Senspero is based in Stockholm, Sweden and we work locally as well as internationally. 


Welcome to contact us for an open discussion on what is possible to achieve with a potential cooperation.



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