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Welcome to Senspero - your resource in exploring the positive powers
of leadership and organisational development.

Leadership Development

Make leadership in your organisation free the positive powers and bring out the best of your organisation's abilities.

We offer leadership development in various formats to meet your specific needs; individual development and coaching, leadership development in group with other leaders as well as a leadership development programme.

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Organisational Development

Senspero aim at exploring and increasing the strengths and abilities within individuals, groups and the whole organisation to create the optimal organisation where people can give their best in line with the organisational goals. We work with strength based development methods such as Appreciative Inquiry (AI) which makes it both inspiring, engaging and effective.

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Our Courses

We offer open courses as well as internal courses tailored to the specific needs of an organisation or group. We offer unique knowledge within the field of how leaders can lead to enable people in the organisation to give their best, become involved, increase their motivation and responsibility towards the goal of the organisation.

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